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The Idyllic Collection   is aimed at a select clientele looking for high-end properties, where each experience is a promise of excellence.

In our collection, each item is a living work of art, a showcase of refinement and sophistication.


Idyllic anticipates needs and desires, orchestrating stays where every moment is perfect. Whether it's a villa nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, a chalet with panoramic views of the Alps, or a modern chateau gliding across tranquil countryside, every rental experience is an immersion in sumptuous , the exclusive and the unforgettable.

With the Idyllic collection, exclusivity takes on its full meaning.


Discover our unique properties!


Timeless luxury

62 5000 x 5000 px_edited_edited.png

The jewel of La Clusaz

Screenshot 2023-11-06 164751_edited

The jewel of the lake

Coming soon


House in the Snow_edited.jpg

Coming soon

GOLDENEYE white icon_edited_edited.png

Coming soon

GoldenEye Chalet

Horse Legs_edited.jpg
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